14/09-14/10/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Angels Landing and Behunin Canyon

Half past seven, Rachel at the start of the West Rim Trail, with Angels Landing in the background. Oh, and Rachel has forgotten her camera! So there are probably more than the usual number of photos for today!

Rachel on Walters Wiggles

Rachel early on the walk (is it really a walk?) out to Angels Landing. Most of the walk has chains - when they say it's exposed, it's exposed! The fine sand underfoot doesn't help your grip either.

Past the narrow saddle, now up the knife-edge ridge

Tom at the Landing

Squirrel on the edge!

Rachel at the summit of Angels Landing - we have it all to ourselves!

Rachel on one of the platforms on the return trip

Rachel on a well-chained section, with Refrigerator Canyon off to the left

Tom in front of Angels Landing

Rachel in front of Cathedral Mountain

On the West Rim Trail just above Behunin Pass

Looking down the top of Behunin Canyon

Rachel on the steep slickrock descent into the creek

Rachel approaching the first abseil

Rachel on the first abseil

Tom on the third abseil - note the rope grooves again

Rachel on the third abseil

Above the next drop

Tom on the fourth abseil

The canyon is this wide (and a bit!)

Rachel in the canyon

Canyon formation

Tom in the canyon

Rachel at the junction abseil, heading down for a swim

Tom on the same abseil - but how does the camera get down between shots?

Rachel on the best section of canyon

Negotiating a narrow ledge with pack - and it's clear what the penalty for failure is!

The final two 40+m abseils are down and out this slot - this is the first of them

Tom on the final abseil