14/09-14/10/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Spry Canyon

The Streaked Wall and The Sentinel at sunrise

Rachel climbing the gully to the pass - looks easy, but the angles of the rock turn out to be somewhat tricky

The East Temple

Rachel at the first drop

Balance or swim?

Little downclimb

A short drop into a skanky pool

Rachel demonstrating that the rope is redundant

Fifth abseil, depending on how you're counting

If you need confirmation that Navajo Sandstone is soft...

Rachel in the chamber below

Seventh abseil

On the pretty eighth abseil

The ninth abseil, into a pool that could be bridged with some care

Tenth abseil

The end of the slot

Eleventh abseil, out of the slot

The final abseil out of the canyon proper

Rachel scrambling the boulder chute below the slot

The final abseil to avoid a scree scramble