14/09-14/10/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Fat Man's Misery

The ridge on the back of Checkerboard Mesa

Slickrock walking. It looks easy angled, but is actually very steep in places. Luckily it is also very grippy and you can walk down some unlikely slopes

Rachel downclimbing a dodgy log

Rachel trying to avoid a dunking. We had opted to not take wetsuits so were trying hard to avoid swims

Rachel going for the high bridge - unsuccessfully as it turned out since it flares out just around the corner!

Canyon formation

Rachel on a short drop off a very long and somewhat awkward anchor

The end of the upper section - at the junction with the East Fork of Misery Canyon


Rachel on a short abseil with no anchor (well there was a dodgy single bolt on the wall, but it was going to require swinging on to it!). I had the rope jammed under a boulder some distance back and was backing it up off me. The climb down was a bit more dodgy than I anticipated leading to a couple of nervous moments

Rachel in the canyon

Rachel in the canyon

Rachel climbing down into the pool with the arches

Twin arches

Canyon formation

Rachel in the sulphur springs

The Barracks section of Parunuweap Canyon (East Fork of the Virgin River)

Rachel wading The Barracks

The Barracks

John Wesley Powell memorial plaque

Steep climb out of the river

East Fork scenery

Spectacular ridge on the back of Checkerboard Mesa

On the way out - the top of Checkerboard Pass

Our camp for the past two weeks at Watchman Campground