27/07-04/08/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

With the crowd of tourists at Kings Canyon "Resort"

Giles Track - Day 1 - Kings Canyon to Rocky Creek

Rachel setting off on the Giles Track - this bit is shared with the Kings Canyon Rim Track

Rachel in a world of beehives

Rachel climbing a gully

Rachel at one of the creek crossings. There was a surprising amount of water

The track wanders along this ledge

Lunch at Watarrka Lookout

Variable Daisy on the edge

Rachel at Reedy Hill Trig

Umm, perhaps you should take a step back honey!

Rachel exploring Rocky Creek in bare feet

Campsite nestled in the creek

Giles Track - Day 2 - Rocky Creek to Kathleen Springs

Rachel climbing up on to the ridge

The ubiquitous track markers

Exploring Wanga Creek

Heading back up to the packs

Lookout above Kathleen Gorge

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Rachel overlooking the Kings Canyon gorge

Tom on the rim

Walkers on the cliffs opposite

Looking down the upper section of the gorge

Don't jump too high! It might break off

In amongst the beehives

Pool at the Garden of Eden

Rachel on the edge yet again!

Descending back to the trackhead

Kathleen Springs Walk

Old stockyards in Kathleen Creek

Trephina Gorge

The largest Ghost Gum in the East MacDonnells (apparently)

Trephina Creek

Australian Ringneck Parrot (Port Lincoln form)

My finger puffed up after being stung by a bee (followed by my hand)

Arltunga - a historic gold mining town

Rachel at the Manager's Residence at Arltunga

Rachel at the jail

The old jail

Rachel in the MacDonnell Range Reef gold mine

Scrambling in Joker Gorge

Trephina Gorge - Panorama Walk

Walker on the cliffs on the other side of Trephina Gorge

Rachel at the top of the Panorama Walk

Rachel on the cliffs on the other side of the gorge

Emily Gap

Rock art at Emily Gap

Emily Gap

Alice Springs - Olive Pink Gardens

Rock Wallabies