27/07-04/08/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Afternoon light on the George Gill Range...

Giles Track - Day 1 - Kings Canyon to Rocky Creek

Amazing landscape

Beehives and mini canyons

Domes - as far as the eye can see

Variable Daisy on the edge

Afternoon reflections

Sunset from the ridge

Rocky Creek camp by night

Giles Track - Day 2 - Rocky Creek to Kathleen Springs

Domes from the ridge the next morning

Colours of the outback - looking down to the plains

Pools in Wanga Creek below the falls

Fire had been through here less than twelve months before, hence the moonscape

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Kings Canyon cliffs

Tom on the rim

Ghost Gum

Kings Canyon - the lower gorge

Potato Bush (Solanum quadriloculatum ?)

Cycads (Macrozamia macdonellii)

Cliffs and domes


Kathleen Springs Walk

Pool at Kathleen Springs

Green and gold

Poached Eggs (Polycalymma sturtii)

Trephina Gorge

Lone Ghost Gum

Trephina Bluff by moonlight

Arltunga - a historic gold mining town

The old jail

In the MacDonnell Range Reef gold mine

East MacDonnells scenery

Blue, red and green

Trephina Gorge - Panorama Walk

Trephina Gorge panorama

Trephina Bluff panorama

Everlasting Daisy (Xerochrysum bracteatum?)

Trephina Gorge

Corroboree Rock Walk

Corroboree Rock

Alice Springs - Olive Pink Gardens

Rock Wallaby