27/07-04/08/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Kathleen Springs Walk

Old stockyards in Kathleen Creek

Pool at Kathleen Springs

Green and gold

Yellowhead (Senecio gregorii ?)

Poached Eggs (Polycalymma sturtii)

Poached Eggs (Polycalymma sturtii)


Ozothamnus sp ?

Trephina Gorge

The largest Ghost Gum in the East MacDonnells (apparently)

Our little car and Trephina Bluff from the back

Trephina Creek

Lone Ghost Gum

Trephina Bluff by moonlight

Pied Butcher Bird

Australian Ringneck Parrot (Port Lincoln form)

My finger puffed up after being stung by a bee (followed by my hand)

Arltunga - a historic gold mining town

Rachel at the Manager's Residence at Arltunga

Historic Arltunga

Old battery remains

Rachel at the jail

The old jail

Descending into the MacDonnell Range Reef gold mine

In the mine

Rachel in the mine

Mine props

Climbing out the other end

Rachel climbing Joker Gorge

Scrambling in the gorge

Rachel heads off further and finds some rock wallabies

Rachel scrambling down the gorge

East MacDonnells scenery

Blue, red and green