27/07-04/08/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Afternoon light on the George Gill Range...

...with the crowd of tourists at Kings Canyon "Resort"

Giles Track - Day 1 - Kings Canyon to Rocky Creek

Rachel setting off on the Giles Track - this bit is shared with the Kings Canyon Rim Track

Now we have the track to ourselves, as it winds through the beehives...

...but we can still see the tourists across the valley

Rachel in a world of beehives

Amazing landscape

Beehives and mini canyons

Rachel climbing a gully

Variable Daisy (Brachycome ciliaris)

Rachel at one of the creek crossings. There was a surprising amount of water


...domes - as far as the eye can see

The track wanders along this ledge


Rachel on the edge of the range

Near Watarrka Lookout, a stark change in vegetation

Lunch at the lookout

Tea Tree

Acacia sp

Interesting succulent plants

Rock Fuchsia (Eremophila freelingii ?)

Variable Daisy on the edge

Rachel at Reedy Hill Trig

Umm, perhaps you should take a step back honey!

Pools in Reedy Creek

Afternoon reflections

Above the gorge of Rocky Creek

Camp in Rocky Creek

Butterflies come down to drink

Rachel exploring Rocky Creek in bare feet

Sunset from the ridge

Campsite nestled in the creek

Rocky Creek camp by night

Giles Track - Day 2 - Rocky Creek to Kathleen Springs

Domes from the ridge the next morning

Rachel climbing up on to the ridge

Colours of the outback - looking down to the plains

The ubiquitous track markers


Rachel at Wanga Creek

Exploring Wanga Creek

Heading down to the falls

Pools in Wanga Creek below the falls

Heading back up to the packs

Cliffs on one branch of Wanga Creek

Desert scrub

Lookout above Kathleen Gorge

Fire had been through here less than twelve months before, hence the moonscape

Back at the resort, afternoon views from the Resort Loop track