05-19/04/2007 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Routeburn Track

Rachel crossing the Dart River on a swing bridge at the start of the Routeburn Track

The Route Burn

Swing bridge across the Route Burn

Looking down the Route Burn near Routeburn Flats

Looking up the Route Burn North Branch

Route Burn above Routeburn Falls

Routeburn Falls Hut and the Routeburn Flats below

Tom and Rachel on an outcrop above Routeburn Falls

View from Routeburn Falls Hut looking down the Route Burn

The Route Burn above Routeburn Falls

Climbing up towards Harris Saddle

Climbing up to Harris Saddle

Harris Saddle

Lake Harris

Walls near Harris Saddle

Lake Harris

Lake Harris

Harris Saddle

Harris Saddle

Shelter at Harris Saddle

Rachel on Conical Hill

Tom and Rachel on Conical Hill

Tom above Lake Harris

Celmisia? and Lake Harris

Some kind of cushion plant

Some mystery flower head

Darran Mountains

Narrow section of Routeburn Track

Another mystery plant

Lake Mackenzie

Green was the colour of the descent to Lake Mackenzie

Emily Peak

Lake Mackenzie and Emily Peak

Rachel on Lake Mackenzie

Mackenzie Hut

Fog near Mackenzie Hut

Waterfalls above Mackenzie Hut

Earland Falls

Howden Hut

Lake Howden

Ailsa Mountains from Key Summit

Lake Marian nestled in the Darran Mountains

Rachel with takehe and rainbow in Te Anau