A nice afternoon at Berowra, my first visit. Andy led all of the climbs, and Steve led a couple. I just seconded all day. We started with Mental Fatigue, which I didn't finish cleanly, although it was reasonably easy when I made the right choice of holds. We then did Wall Thing (18) followed by Looks Poxable (21) and Natasha (22), neither of which I made. Actually, everyone got foiled by the thin section of Natasha. Finished of with Yesterday's Heroes (17) and finally Ladders of Gloom (19), which I didn't do clean as I was still fairly pumped from trying the 20+ climbs. Andy then impressed with a dyno to make Ladders of Death (22). Exited up Cenotaph Corner (4)!

12383.jpg (131143 bytes)

Andy leading Wall Thing (18)

12385.jpg (87312 bytes)

Andy near the top of Wall Thing (18)

12386.jpg (148225 bytes)

Me on Wall Thing (18)

12387.jpg (81048 bytes)

Andy near the top of Ladders of Gloom (19)

12389.jpg (79809 bytes)

Steve in the gloom, on Ladders of Gloom (19)