06/09/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, John Kennett, Mark Wigley, Graham Conden, Linda Mallett, John Pozniak, Paul Davis, Rosemary McDonald

Native Iris (Patersonia sericea)

First lookout along the Long Track

Long Trig

View from the lookout over Cowan Water

Gompholobium sp

Pink Spider Flower (Grevillea sericea sericea)

Eriostemon australasius

Descending to the water

John in the Pirate Cave

Old graffiti in the cave

Very old graffiti on the wall outside the cave!

Steps leading up to the Anzac Caves

One of the Anzac Caves

Graffiti (or art?!) in the cave

John checking out the various inscriptions

Paul with an old (1950s) bottle - rubbish or relic?

Cowan Water

Eriostemons a-plenty

Climbing out through fields of Eriostemons

Grey Spider Flower (Grevillea buxifolia buxifolia)

Aboriginal engraving - Baiame?

Larger view of the impressive figure

Part of another figure - possibly a boomerang, but the remainder of the figure was too worn to identify

Heading back through swamp to the track

Sundew (Drosera sp)

Axe grinding grooves

Axe grinding grooves

Fish engraving

Rose Boronia (Boronia serrulata)

Isopogon anemonifolius

Isopogon anemonifolius

Greenhood Orchid (Pterostylis sp)