10-11/08/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Ross Jamieson, Lauren Curtis, Kirsten Owens

Rachel in snow near Lithgow

Cut stone in the Timber Chute near Newnes

In the Timber Chute canyon

In the canyon, showing the beams still crossing the narrow slot

More beams and canyon

Kirsten and Rachel scrambling back down the slot

Rachel and Kirsten in beautiful open rainforest in Petries Gully

Overhang in Petries Gully

Remains of the old road running up Petries Gully

Lunch overhang, out of the rain

Walking up a side creek on the way to the tops

Views from the lookout over Newnes

Lauren enjoying the views

Views from the slopes of Mt Tricky

Canobla and Gundangaroo

Red Rocks and Point Anderson - where we should have been but for the weather

Descending into our gully

We find a route down this ramp for the final descent

Camp cave in the gully

The next morning, climbing back up on to the tops

And the snow comes down

Catch a falling snowflake!

Descending one of the drops in a canyon the next morning

In the canyon

Lower down the canyon

Looking back up

Rachel squeezes into a hole looking for a way through

Kirsten in the hole

Ross emerging

The middle section of creek passes through a beautiful open valley

Lauren and Ross heading into the next section of canyon

Descending the short slot

Looking out the end of the slot across the valley

The canyon

Descending the last cliffline

Near the bottom of the hill

Wet walk into Newnes

Snow on the Wolgan Road on the way back to Lidsdale

Snow on Bells Line near Zig Zag