27-28/07/2019 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Lewis Vincent

Heading down the fire trail to the start of the track

Lewis and Rachel at one of the first spots with views

Much of the walking is over these large domesThe walking is

A short scramble approaching the Pic

Good views of Bonnum Pic

Rachel on the Slide of Death

Rachel at the end with the log book

Some day this will all fall into the valley. But that day is not today!

Returning to the Slide of Death

Slide of Death

Rachel and Lewis heading back to look for a campsite

Bonnum Pic at sunset

Looking up the Wollondilly Valley

Stars at night

Sunrise down the Wollondilly

Sunrise down the Wollondilly

Moon at sunrise

Sunrise over the Wanganderry Walls

Campsite near Bonnum Pic

Rachel scrambling down to the saddle

Lewis at the top of the scramble

Rachel crossing the domes

Lewis and Rachel

Views all the way to Colong