11-12/11/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Alexa Bullen, Helen Zimmerman, Clive Howard, Emilie Wilkie, Inga Novak, Darryl Sullivan

Clive at a lookout above the river

Colo River at Townsend Bend

Looking over the lower Colo Valley from near Meroo Trig

Colo River

Trolley problem?

Blue Gums

Colo River walking

The party at camp - Rachel, Alexa, Emilie, Helen, Clive, Tom

Rachel at our campsite

Morning on the river

First crossing of the day

Rachel and Helen wading deeper

Walking below the cliffs

Cliff at a deeper crossing above the first rapid

Emilie carefully nursing her camera

Colo reflections

Rocky banks above the second rapids

Emilie, with the late rafters in the background. They had only covered 3.5km on the first day (in 4.5 hours on the river), leaving nearly 19km on the second day to get to the Upper Colo Bridge!

Emilie testing her balance skills

Rachel can't be bothered wading and decides it's easier to swim

Clive takes a similar approach

Lovely Colo - the river goes on and on

Alexa on the narrow track to the lookout


Clive at the lookout



Burrawang (Macrozamia communis) seed cone

Colo wilderness

Walking the T3 (Tootie Creek) Fire Trail