09/10/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Petros Nikoloudis, Michelle Rose, Harry Fisher, Adrian Doyle

Harry crossing a scrubby Victoria Brook on a log

Adrian wading in a canyon like section

Amphitheatre in the creek

Petros and Harry crossing another log

Wading in the creek

Rachel in one of many overhangs in the creek

Michelle and Harry in the longest overhang

Michelle in another overhang

Petros in an arch in the creek

Michelle on another creek crossing

Michelle in a bouldery section of Victoria Brook

Rachel down a mini chasm

Harry scrambling down a waterfall

Petros on a knife edge

Adrian wading in the lower section of the creek

Towards Victoria Creek, Victoria Brook passes over a shale band

Checking out the shale band

Just below the start of the shale band is a slippery shale waterfall

Old initials in the creek - C. Ball?

Descending below the cliffs to cross a small gully

Adrian enjoying the views from Odin Head

Rachel at Odin Head