24-25/09/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jo Squires, Ed Squires, Joan Chan, Patsy Quealy, Srinivas Gowda

Heading off up the fire trail on the first day

Srini scrambling up on to the tops

"You can go your own way!"

Joan leaping a chasm

Joan climbing up to Point Nicholson

Traversing the Lower Road

Scrambling along the tops

Ed and Rachel in front of the Pagoda of Death

Patsy on an exposed climb down

The Pagoda of Death

Climbing the Pagoda of Death

Edges and ledges



Looking back to Point Nicholson, Tayan Pic in the distance

The face of the Red Rocks?

Rachel and Joan reversing off an unnecessary pagoda

A small pinnacle

Srini descending the Tunnel of Love

Ross's Knob (or the Lost Sister)

Descending a little canyon

Rachel on the Balancing Boulder

Jo not wanting to tip it over?!

Srini and Ed traversing under the cliffs

In the camp cave below Mt Dawson - Joan, Patsy and Rachel

Excellent happy hour!

Red Rocks cliffs

Pantoneys sunset

Super happy hour spot

Pantoneys at dusk

Joan, Jo and Rachel around the campfire

Clouds swirling up the next morning

Capertee Valley covered in cloud

Jo leading the way up a chute

Descent into Little Capertee Creek

Srini, Joan and Patsy descending through ferns