06-07/08/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Nicole Mealing, Antoniya Bachvarova, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Emmanuelle Convert, Alison Curtin, J

Nicole and Toni loading Smiffy up with the enormous camp chair

One branch of Asgard Swamp

Crossing the swamp outlet on ricketty logs

Rachel at camp near a large pagoda

Nicole and Rachel working out where we are

Valhalla Head

Smiffy at a lookout across from Ikara Head

Stand out

Ali and Nicole

Thor Head

Naughty plane flying low up the Grose!


Crossing the swamp to Girraween Cave

Smiffy at Girraween Cave

Heading to Ikara Head

Nicole and Rachel

Wattle in flower

A bit chilly at Ikara Head!

Toni scrambling

Ali and Rachel


Heading back down to camp at the swamp

Rachel and Ali scrambling

The Lost Pillar

The party near Thor Head


Asgard Swamp from above

Smiffy checking out the drop

Ali working out how to get back again!

Toni photographing

Rock formation at Thor Head

Looking across from Thor Head to Burramoko Head

Thor Head cliffs

The ingredients - cheese and prepared mulled wine. Yum!

Nicole making the fondue

Not much left now!

Nicole and friend...

...in sync!

Wattle at Asgard Swamp

Smiffy in the Mackenzie Coal Mine

Looking out of the mine

In the mine

The coking oven near the mine site

Smiffy on a lookout over Victoria Falls

Mucking around near Asgard Head

Vines and no vines

Grose Valley

Morning tea

Victoria Falls

Asgard Head cliffs

Asgard Head cliffs

Burra Korain Head

Smiffy enjoying good views...

...and a big drop!


Grose Valley



Rachel balancing

Nicole and friend