16-17/07/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel on Ironpot Mountain

View from Ironpot Mountain

Looking down towards Tinpot Mountain and Goolara Peak

Rachel above Tinpot Mountain

Rachel descending Quartpot Ridge

On the steep but scenic ridge

Lower down it becomes more grassy and gentle

Down at the Coxs River for lunch

Cliffs above Black Creek

Rachel about to get a bit wet (it was Tom's fault for saying it was only knee deep)

Rachel at the campsite in Lower Jenolan Gorge

Lower Jenolan River

Walk softly and carry a big stick

Campsite at the junction of Lower Jenolan Gorge and the Coxs River

Lower Jenolan River

Lower Jenolan River and camp

Rachel relaxing with the Good Weekend

Crossing the Lower Jenolan River the next morning

Coxs River

Scrambling over riverside bluffs

Rachel at Knights Deck

Tom at Knights Deck

Rachel checking out the next part of our route

This time Rachel can spot the cairn!!

Grinding grooves on Cattle Dog Ridge

Rachel at the lookout on Cattle Dog Ridge

Looking down Cattle Dog Ridge

Descending Cattle Dog Ridge

"Is is that rock that moves?"

Carlon Creek

Inquisitive wombat

Lsat bit of fire trail back to the stile