24-25/04/2016 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Angela Barton, David Trinder, Glenn Draper, Lisa Sheldon, Mindy Gu, Karen Kool, Kathy, Jenny, Winnie Chiu, Karl Miller

The parking area is full!

Yellow Dog Ridge from Mt Dingo

Ridges and valleys

Glenn paying his respects

Plaque and the Gangerangs


Some of the party - Kathy, Winnie, Mindy, Jenny, Angela, Karen, Lisa and Glenn

David and Karl

Before the Dawn Service

Dawn looking towards the lake

Clouds in the valley

Still crowds well after the service

Looking out to the Gangerangs


Hi Winnie! Heading off Mt Dingo

Scrambling up on to Mt Merrimerrigal

Heading across the Playground of the Dingoes - Jenny, David, Lisa and Glenn

Scrambling down the pass off the north end of Mt Merrimerrigal

David heading down the pass

Karl near Mt Mouin

View from Mt Mouin

Lake Burragorang from Mt Mouin