30-31/12/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caro Ryan, Bill Raffle, John Flint, Margaret Baz

On Back Perisher Mountain, looking across to Mt Perisher - Bill, Margaret, John, Caro

Wildflowers - Burr Daisy (Calotis sp) and Yellow Kunzea (Kunzea muelleri)

Rachel on Mt Perisher

Looking across to the Main Range, the large cirque below Mt Clarke clearly visible in the middle of the picture

Rachel scrambling down through boulders

Bill, Margaret and John rock hopping

Crossing the saddle to The Paralyser

On top of the first high point on The Paralyser ridge

Rock slabs descending off the high point

Fields of flowers

Bill, Margaret - and Billy Buttons!

Rachel - on the summit?!

Clouds and granite boulders

John descending through scrub

Rachel faints after knocking her knee sharply ... and the first aid tent swings into action!

Caro ministering

Climbing up to the trig at the end of The Paralyser ridge - Caro, Rachel, Margaret, Bill, John

John and Margaret crossing Spencers Creek - and Bill doing a spot of fishing

Caro relaxing - and the mummy in the white sheet is el Presidente John!

Rachel in thick scrub heading up Trapyard Creek

Lovely campsite in Snow Gums below the top of the ridge


Campsite nestled in below the ridgetop

Wildflower (Pimelea?)

Bill scrambling out of camp

Looking back down into the Trapyard Creek valley

Candle Heath (Richea continentis)

The party climbing the ridge up to Perisher Top Station

Caro checking out the Top Station ruins

Mountain eyebright (Euphrasia collina)

Bill and Caro climbing up to Mt Stillwell

The party on Mt Stillwell - Tom, Rachel, Margaret, Caro, Bill, John - but why the white flag of surrender?!

Main Range from Mt Stillwell