25/10/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

This was a trip to pick up rubbish on Mt Solitary. Warning - a few of the pictures are quite unpleasant

Rachel scrambling up Korrowall Knife-Edge

Rachel climbing up the slot

Looking back at the Ruined Castle and Castle Head

We opt to take the western route around the base of the ridge

Lookout over Cedar Creek

Rachel ready to start collecting rubbish at Chinamans Gully


Toilet paper littered around Chinamans Gully


Another trove of toilet paper - people clearly don't understand how to go to the loo in the bush

Views over Lake Burragorang from the lookout to the south of Mt Solitary

Someone had abandoned a chair and tent on the top of Mt Solitary - we had to leave them as we didn't have enough room to carry everything out.

Back on the Knife-Edge

Rachel scrambling

Descending the ridge

This cheerful fellow (King Parrot) was playing around at the turnoff to the Ruined Castle

Magnificent eucalypt

Our six bags of rubbish