15-20/06/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caro Ryan, Alan Osland, Sheila McDowall, Paul McCann

This trip follows the Carr Boyd Ranges trip, hence the reason the day numbering starts at 8

  • Day 8-9 - After a night in Kununurra, we left early for the drive to Emma Gorge Resort, and then took a helicopter over to the northern side of Mt Cockburn South. There were some scrubby sections before we reached a deeper part of the gorge. After a couple of swims, we opted for a poor campsite rather than pressing on, and were joined by cane toads, a large olive python, and plenty of shining eyes in the nearby billabong. (5km) The next day we started with a swim, and explored a side gorge a bit further upstream. Expecting more swimming, we climbed over a saddle and found a campsite, and then explored back down the gorge from above in the afternoon. (6km)
  • Day 10-11 - Our campsite was at the junction with a major side creek, which we walked and then swam up to a another junction. The main branch turned into a deep and impressive canyon, filled with bats (and bat guano, hence our dubbing it Batsh Canyon!). This involved plenty of swimming and some scrambling before being stopped by a small waterfall. Back at the main gorge, we had planned to explore some more of the tributaries, but the general lack of water made us head for a known campsite, up the main branch. This was on the ledge at the top of a waterfall, which had water gushing out the bottom - but only trickling over the top! At the head of the valley was another spectacular little canyon. (6km) The next day we took day packs and headed over the ridge into the next creek system. This had no flowing water, though there were quite a few pools. Alan, Rachel and I went some way downstream to find the start of Batsh Canyon, but unfortunately it began with a large waterfall. In the afternoon, the other three headed back to camp for a swim, while the three of us raced across the tops to check out a pass for the next day, as well as explore a couple of gorges along the way. (13km)
  • Day 12-13 - The lack of water made us change our overall plan for the trip. After an early start, we climbed the pass and then continued up the gorge along the rim, before heading over the tops into another creek system. Alan and I did an afternoon run out to the Mt Cockburn trig, before returning to a spectacular camp at the upper tier of waterfalls tumbling into Emma Gorge. (14km) The next morning we had a fairly leisurely start, climbing out of the gorge and following the rim around to a pass near the nose, which led down to the resort. Most of us did the tourist track up to the bottom of Emma Gorge. (6km)

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