07-14/06/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caro Ryan, Alan Osland, Sheila McDowall, Paul McCann

Day 1

Early morning start sees us walking down the road to the dock

Sheila and Paul disembarking the boat at Revolver Creek

Rachel and Sheila walking along Revolver Creek

Rachel at a lovely swimming hole on Revolver Creek

Paul in Revolver Creek gorge

Day 2

Caro on steep slopes above the creek in Revolver Chasm

Rachel and Caro survey the route ahead up the gorge

What I expected to be a dryfall, turned out to be a beautiful swimming hole with a waterfall emerging from a canyon

Alan, Rachel and Paul rock hopping up Revolver Chasm

Caro near the top of the pass

Paul, Rachel and Sheila en route to our campsite for the night at the top of the falls

Rachel above Revolver Falls

Day 3

Paul climbs the ridge to the watershed

Rachel looking into our next creek (which I since dubbed Karijini Creek)

Algae and water flowers

Rachel and Sheila in the long grass and pandanus

Rachel and Alan at Three Falls Camp, one of the best campsites of the trip, with a deep pool surrounded by three small waterfalls


Sheila, Rachel, Caro and Paul around the fire

Day 4

Rachel at our morning tea swimming hole

Wowsers! Caro and Rachel check out the waterfall and impending swim!

Caro and Rachel wading a shallower pool

Unfortunately there are also cane toads in the gorge

Rachel checking out whether she can keep dry feet in the side creek

Rachel and Caro scrambling

The swim through unpleasant green water disappears around the corner

Alan slips into the back of the photo of Rachel!

Back at camp, on pebbly banks

Day 5

Caro and Rachel admire the by now massively deep gorge

Sheila, Rachel, Caro and Alan

Sheila and Rachel in the side canyon - this swim goes out of sight around the corner

Caro climbing up to the chamber at the head of the canyon

Below the side canyon, the gorge opens out. Paul and Sheila wading


Day 6

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis) - there was also a small Olive Python at the top of this drop!

Rachel and Sheila

Caro, Sheila and Rachel

Alan near the junction of the two branches of this impressive system

Magnificent Tree Frog (Litoria splendida)

The gorge is more open, but this small waterhole is good enough for lunch and a swim

Rachel, Sheila, Alan and Caro

Synchronised scrambling, a new Olympic sport

Rachel tries to climb up this little drop

Getting late, and we still haven't found a campsite

Paul, Caro and Rachel around the fire

Day 7


The long swim - a couple of hundred metres down the gorge to the plains


Rachel, Caro and Paul

Boab tree

The end of the gorge and the start of the plains

The heli arrives, though it was circling for a while a couple of hundred metres away, which was a worry