07-14/06/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caro Ryan, Alan Osland, Sheila McDowall, Paul McCann

  • Day 1-2 - From Kununurra, we took a bus to Lake Argyle Resort and camped the night there. Before dawn, we took a boat across the lake to the mouth of Revolver Creek, and walked up a scrubby gorge to a tick-infested spot for lunch. After lunch, some of us headed over a pass into Revolver Creek for a swim and some exploring. Back at the gorge, we found a fairly poor camp site on a pebbly bank for the night. (10km) The next day we continued up the gorge, and were surprised to find a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole where I expected a dry creek. For lunch some of us headed further up the gorge, but other than Alan, didn't have time to reach the final falls. Needing to find a pass, we headed up a promising looking gully, which turned out to be pretty good, with just a short exposed section. From there it was a short walk to a camp site on rock ledges above the falls. (7km)
  • Day 3-4 - The main aim for the next day was to cross over into the next creek system and find water. The weather was thankfully overcast and cool for the walk across the tops. We found ourselves a great camp site at around lunchtime, at a deep pool with three small waterfalls flowing into it, and settled in for the afternoon. The following day saw us heading downstream, mostly along rocky slabs, before our first pack float across a large pool in an amphitheatre below a waterfall. The rest of the day saw us in and out of the water with several more swims and a few wades, heading down a massively deep gorge. Camp was fairly average, on a large pebbly beach, but some of us explored a side creek which had some nice canyon, including a bat cave and several swims.
  • Day 5 - We continued down the deep gorge, with less wades and swims than the previous day, to another junction. This turned out to be another canyon, which we spent the morning exploring. The gorge opened up, and at one point our camp was looking like a few spots in amongst the scrub, but I pushed on and found a nicer site with a large waterhole under a cliff. (8km)
  • Day 6-7 - What was supposed to be a short day turned out to be one of our longest. First we explored one side creek, which had a couple of good but short canyons in its upper branches. Then, Alan and I checked out another creek which had two excellent canyon tribs. Over lunch Alan checked out a couple more side creeks which also had canyons in them, and by the time we had visited them, we were running out of daylight, and still some way from our intended camp. Luckily we found a decent spot by a waterhole under a cliff just as dusk was falling. (14km) There was a bit of a walk the next morning to the final obstacle, a 200m long swim through a narrow gorge. We were there in plenty of time for the helicopter, so some people went off up the ridge for views into the gorge and across the country we had just walked. There were a few nervous moments with the chopper as it circled a couple of hundred metres from where we waited. (2km)

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