25/04/2015 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan

Sunset Rock Lookout, Mt Victoria

Sunset at Sunset Rock

Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap by moonlight

Cloud in the valley at Govetts Leap at dawn

Sunrise from Govetts Leap

Sunlight on the valley cloud


Govetts Leap Falls

Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades

Evans Lookout - Valley View Lookout (Blackheath Hail)

Hail at Blackheath

Evans Lookout

Hail on the ridges

The track to Valley View Lookout

Griffith Taylor Wall

Valley View Lookout

Hail and storm

Car spaces!

Golf course

Walls Lookout

Heading out to Walls Lookout

Late afternoon at Walls Lookout