17-18/05/2014 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Tom climbing on to The Boot

Oh what a feeling!

Rachel on the cliff edge

First views of Pantoneys Crown


Looking back to the Point Cameron cliffline

Rocky ribs and pagodas on the way out to Baal Bone Point

Pantoneys from Baal Bone Point


The pass off Baal Bone Point

Rachel climbing up the bottom of the pass at the southern end of Pantoneys

Higher up the pass

Rachel climbing the exposed bit

Looking down the pass, all the way back to Baal Bone Point

Ridges of green

The "easy" route up the last section of the pass

Idyllic camp spot, with easy access to views in both directions

The Wolgan-Capertee Divide in the late afternoon

A rare sundog to the left of the sun

Happy hour!

Pagoda at dawn

Sunrise looking along the cliffs

Early start, as we have a potentially long day ahead

Pantoneys cliffs

Great views from the clifftop walking

Rachel at the summit cairn

Capertee Valley

Point Cameron, with the usual pass to the right of the point, and our pass to the left

Mt Gundangaroo and the Capertee Valley

Rachel in the squeezy pass off the northern end

Rachel lower down on the pass

Below the cliffs

The last steep bit to the Crown Creek valley, strangely more reminiscent of Kanangra than the northern Bluies

Easy open walking on the ridge up to Point Cameron

A bit steeper but still nice and open

Coming up right under the nose of Point Cameron

Rachel near the top of our unlikely looking pass

Happy we've made it!

Rachel on Nipple Knob

On the pagodas between Point Cameron and the Pondage

Looking back at Pantoneys

Rachel and the Point Cameron cliffline