10-11/11/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel in the cave at McLeans Pass

The overhang from the other side

Crown Creek Valley views

Pantoneys Crown from below Mt Jamison

Rachel descending into the chasm between Mt Jamison and Mt Davidson

Tom in the canyon not far from Point Cameron

Tom in the canyon

Canyon formation

Cliffs and pagodas near our camp

The Pondage - our campsite

Rachel and Tom at happy hour

Wolgan-Capertee Divide to Baal Bone Gap

Moody afternoon looking across to Baal Bone Point

Baal Bone Point

Dawn looking to Baal Bone Point

Dawn with Pantoneys Crown off to the right

Sunrise hits Pantoneys

Tom and Rachel at breakfast

Rachel climbing one of the impressive pagodas nearby

Pantoneys panorama

Rachel on the slopes of the pagoda

Rachel descending one of the pagodas

Rachel at Point Cameron

Tom at Point Cameron

Rachel descending a pagoda

The Exploded Pagoda

The Exploded Pagoda

Rachel climbing out of the chasm

Cliffs and domes

Pantoneys Crown

Rachel near McLeans Pass

Looking over McLeans Pass

Looking across Cape Horn to Donkey Mountain and the Wolgan Valley

Pagoda Daisy (Leucochrysum graminifolium)

Ants on Leptospermum

Common Fringe Myrtle (Calytrix tetragona) - this is after the petals fall off

Leptospermum sp