30/06-01/07/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Kim Fuller, Jason Lorch, Rebecca Lorch, Sue Bucknell, Jane Fielding, Julio Rodrigues, David Carmichael, Agnes Piasecki, Jenney Xia

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

The party at the first views on the descent of Badgerys Spur (Badgerys Lookout?)

Smiffy down at the lookout - the unfortunate scar of the limestone quarry is in the distance

Cloud in the Shoalhaven Valley

Smiffy descending a slot

Heading for the clouds!

Descending the track


Smiffy in sunbeams


Kim and Agnes

Steep drop off to the right

Looking for a Brocken Spectre, but can't get a spot in the sun

Agnes descending

The party at the bottom of the spur

Rich and Julio check out the route


Rich finds an abandoned Explorer raft

Shoalhaven River

Agnes and Jason walking the river

Shoalhaven River


Lining up for the river crossing

The advance party

Sue and Agnes

Rich, or is it Jesus?

How does he do it?

Still some way to go...

Agnes is certainly having fun!

Smiffy's bare feet almost cost him a dunking...

...but he recovers for the final little bit

Smiffy on a boulder

Smiffy and Rich

Billy Bulloos Crown

Just before lunch - Sue, David, Jenney and Jane

Smiffy gets in a bit of practice for the ultimate game...

...along with Rich...

...while Jane and Kim are happy to watch

Last little section to camp

Big pack, little pack!

Rich examining his M&Ms closely

Around the fire - Julio, Jenney and Smiffy

Campsite the following morning

Agnes has her camo tent - kudos if you can spot it in the photo!

Warming up for the ultimate frisbee challenge - Smiffy jumps for the disc


Smiffy showing off his forehand




Rebecca with a forehand...

...and a backhand

After the game, the ritual burning of the rules!

Heading back along the river, Kim scrambling some rocks

Agnes and Jenney

Jenney is focussed on crossing...

...but Agnes is still having fun!

Now everyone is concentrating!

Shoalhaven scenery

Riverside cliffs

Late afternoon at the lookout

Enjoying a refreshing bevvie...but who is missing?!