08-15/06/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rosemary McDonald, Mike Arnott, Colin Atkinson, Lucy Moore, David Bell, Jeannette Kendell, Renee Gruber, Aman Singh

Mike the navigator puts on a show


Our campsite and swimming hole on Twin Falls Creek

Rachel and I go off hunting for aboriginal art, and find half a dozen sites scattered around some nearby outcrops. This one looks like a ... flower



Rachel on top of the outcrop

The outcrop was dissected by mini canyons, with pillars and chambers

Bush potatoes?

It looks like yoga, but I have no idea why Aman is standing on one leg and Rachel is doing a weird pose with her bowl

Renee traversing a narrow ledge

Mike and Ro took us to another nearby art site. This one was particularly impressive.



This was an intricate scene with hundreds of figures along the wall

They seemed to be fighting each other, as evidenced by the spears sticking out of some of the figures!

Jeanette, Renee, David and Lucy enjoying the shade (and the art on the ceiling)

Lucy returning from the art outcrop

Walking along burnt river banks

Our first swimming hole of the morning - beautiful!

Walking along rocky slabs further downstream

Another swimming hole appears - too hard to resist!

Everyone piles in

Most of the party - Mike, Ro, Col, Jeanette, Rachel, Renee, David

Ripples in the rock

Rachel on the slide leading to Amphitheatre Falls

David, Ro and Lucy looking down the route to descend Amphitheatre Falls

Col and Jeanette on the tricky bit

Renee at the top...

...and Rachel at the bottom

Rachel and Renee negotiating the lower ledges

Immediately after there is a tricky scramble...

...or a short swim


The falls in the late afternoon

Our campsite below the falls

Dusk on Twin Falls Creek