08-15/06/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rosemary McDonald, Mike Arnott, Colin Atkinson, Lucy Moore, David Bell, Jeannette Kendell, Renee Gruber, Aman Singh

The party gathered at the Jim Jim Falls car park for morning tea before setting off

Rachel rock hopping across Jim Jim Creek

Col climbing up the escarpment on the Barrk Marlam Track

View of the Jim Jim Creek valley from near the top of the escarpment

Rachel crossing the rocky escarpment towards Jim Jim Creek

Lunch at a small watercourse not far from Jim Jim Creek

Rachel having a shower at our camp on Jim Jim Creek

Camp above Jim Jim Falls

The party setting off to check out the falls

Mike at the top of the falls

Rachel above Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls - upper sections

Jim Jim Creek valley

The top of the falls

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls dropping in to the plunge pool

Rachel at Jim Jim Falls

Col and David take in sunset

The party walking up Jim Jim Creek

Aboriginal art site

Mike skilfully crossing the log

Col on the main monolith

Monoliths panorama

The Monoliths

Monoliths panorama

Green ants

Sunset at the Monoliths

Campsite at the Monoliths

Rachel crossing Jim Jim Creek

Sundew (Drosera sp)

David checking out an aboriginal art site

Kangaroo (or wallaby?)

Aboriginal art

Walking across the grassy tops

Team huddle to work out where we are going to have lunch

Buffalo damage along the creek banks


Sunset at our camp

Creekside campsite