08-15/06/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rosemary McDonald, Mike Arnott, Colin Atkinson, Lucy Moore, David Bell, Jeannette Kendell, Renee Gruber, Aman Singh

  • Day 1-3 - we headed up to the top of Jim Jim Falls and camped nearby. The following day we headed further upstream to the Monoliths. The next day we crossed over the tops to a small creek
  • Day 4-6 - we had an early start, and continued across country, stopping for lunch at a dry creek bed. Mid afternoon we headed down through rocky outcrops to a beautiful pool on Twin Falls Creek where we camped. The next day we headed downstream stopping at a couple of interesting aboriginal art sites in the morning. Further on there was some nice walking along rocky slabs before an interesting descent of Amphitheatre Falls, and a scramble to negotiate the pool below. Our camp for the night was just downstream from here. The following day we pushed on down the gorge to another lovely pool which we reached before lunch, and camped.
  • Day 7-8 - we had a short walk to Twin Falls, camping nearby, and checking out the falls. In the afternoon some of us explored the eastern ridge to get views of the falls. The following day we headed down the tourist track and walked out along the road.

Rachel also has photos from this trip.