21-22/05/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Melinda Turner, David Trinder, Jodie Dixon, Jeff Boyd, Maureen Carter, David Carter, Theresa Wannisch, Glen Draper

Cliffs of Canowie Brook


The party on the ridge between Burrumbeet and Canowie Brooks

Balancing rock on Profile Rock Hill



Melinda and David T


Glen in thick scrub along Burrumbeet Brook

Melinda and Theresa consult the map at Corang River

Budawangs panorama - Burrumbeet Brook, Profile Rock Hill, Canowie Brook

Theresa crossing Canowie Brook

The party at Canowie Brook

Finally, the profile of Profile Rock Hill (Darth Vader?)

Scrambling up the hill to Corang Arch

Jodie and Jeff



Canowie Brook

Theresa, David T, Glen, Melinda, David c

Pigeon House Mountain framed by the cliffs of Canowie Brook

Budawangs panorama - Canowie Brook and Profile Rock Hill

Corang Arch

Climbing Corang Peak

Budawangs panorama

Descent off Corang Peak, backburning fires in the distance

Leaf shapes



Young gum leaves

Jodie and Jeff

The wombat that almost bowled me over, lurking in the bushes

Jodie's ankle