21-22/05/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Melinda Turner, David Trinder, Jodie Dixon, Jeff Boyd, Maureen Carter, David Carter, Theresa Wannisch, Glen Draper

Jeff crossing Wog Wog Creek

Melinda on the track out of Wog Wog

Jodie at Tinderry Lookout

David C


On the plateau, heading towards Corang Peak


At a lookout off to the south, watching the fires in the distance a little nervously


Where are we!?

Corang Peak

Heading off down a track...

...only to find that it's the wrong one!

Melinda on Corang Arch

Melinda on Corang Arch

Theresa climbing the arch

Lunch in a big overhang next to the arch

Melinda and Theresa scrambling

David and the shadow photographer

Another view of the arch

First views of Profile Rock Hill, with Bibbenluke in the distance

David descending to Canowie Brook


Canowie Brook

David and Glen scrambling

A big overhang

Profile Rock Hill in the late afternoon