21-22/05/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Melinda Turner, David Trinder, Jodie Dixon, Jeff Boyd, Maureen Carter, David Carter, Theresa Wannisch, Glen Draper

Photos from an SBW club walk from Wog Wog to Corang Arch

  • Day 1 - from Wog Wog, we had morning tea at Tinderry Lookout and lunch at Corang Arch. After lunch we descended to Canowie Brook and headed upstream to camp.
  • Day 2 - we retraced our steps to near Profile Rock Hill and then headed down into Burrumbeet Brook. The scrub was quite thick down to the Corang River, and even thicker along the banks of the river. We abandoned the banks and headed over the hill towards Canowie Brook. It took us an hour and a half of slow going to travel the 1.2km back to Canowie Brook. Jodie went over on her ankle and heard a crack. Luckily it was the plant she stepped on! However, she had still twisted it and was in some discomfort. We headed back to Wog Wog via the same route as on the way in, with a detour for lunch at Corang Peak. I was almost steamrolled by a wombat that came charging out of the bush near Wog Wog Creek.