09-10/04/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Liz Edye, Chris Stephens

Naughty kiddies! Can't you see the track is closed!

Chris on the Jawbone Track

Our little campsite at The Farmyard - which was quite full when we came back from Sugarloaf Peak


Liz amongst burnt out trees - this area was badly affected by the Black Saturday fires

Burnt trees framing Sugarloaf Peak

The Razorback is appropriately named

Rachel, Chris and Liz on The Razorback



Crouching ... hidden leg - Tom on an outcrop (Photo - Chris)

Chris and Rachel scrambling

Chris, Rachel and Liz on the spine leading up to Sugarloaf Peak

Land ahoy!

Chris scrambling

Chris near Sugarloaf Peak

The party on Sugarloaf Peak...

...as the camera just keeps on shooting!

Rachel and Liz


South and North Jawbone Peaks with Cathedral Peak in the distance

Cathdral Range


Rachel, Chris and Liz on South Jawbone Peak


North Jawbone Peak at sunset

Rachel, Chris and Liz

Burnt out trees

Liz early on the next day. There was plenty of low cloud

Looking back to North Jawbone from the ridge leading to Cathedral Peak

Rachel and Liz


Rachel and Liz on the final climb up to Cathedral Peak

Tom at Cathedral Peak (Photo - Rachel)

Liz on the steep descent to Neds Saddle

Hyacinth Orchid (Dipodium sp)

Descending the Neds Gully Track

Leaving Neds Gully


North Jawbone Peak

Little Cathedral and Cathedral Peak from the road on the way out