02-03/04/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Marcia Kaye

Marcia crossing the Colo at Canoe Creek, but why is Richard going back...?

Savage Ridge at the Canoe Creek junction

Alpaca kayakers at Canoe Creek

Marcia on one of the exposed sections of Pass 17 (Savage Pass)

Marcia on Pass 17

Looking straight down to the Colo from ledges on Pass 17

Marcia on the final tricky bit of Pass 17

Looking upstream on the Colo from Savage Ridge

Marcia climbing a steep section on the ridg

Impressive outcrop on top of the ridge

Richard and Marcia scrambling on the rocky tops

Richard at our campsite

It was Marcia's birthday and she had brought a little cake. We sang Happy Birthday

Dawn from our campsite


Colo scenery

Sunrise looking towards Alidade Hill

Alidade Hill


Colo scenery

Looking north

Another party was camped nearby, some of whom I knew

Marcia scrambling

Richard descending near the top of Pass 17a (North Gully Pass)

Marcia on Pass 17a

Marcia near the bottom of the gully

Marcia relaxing in the Colo

Richard rockhops across...

...while Marcia elects to wade

Richard (in the middle of the picture) near the cliffline on Pass 18 (Little Pass)

Views from Pass 18

Marcia climbing up an exposed section on the pass (not really required!)

Looking back at Pass 17a from the top of Little Pass

From the top of Little Pass, looking upstream towards Canoe Creek

Colo scenery - Pass 17a, Alidade Hill and Canoe Creek

Richard and Marcia at the top of Little Pass

Looking along the ridge towards Big Pass and Tambo Crown from a spectacular lookout

Marcia and Richard

Richard on a large boulder on the ridge from Little Pass

Colo panorama - Tambo Crown to Alidade Hill


Marcia and Richard on the ridge leading back to the car

Savage Ridge leading up from the Colo, from above Pass 15

Richard and Marcia