26-28/12/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Emmanuelle Convert, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Vivien and Smiffy on the brink of the Colo River gorge

Great view down to the river

Descending into the creek of Pass 6

Boulder scrambling down the lovely creek

Scrambling in the creek

Near the bottom of the pass we use a rope, but Smiffy finds another route that doesn't need it

Rachel and Emmanuelle at bottom of Pass 6

Rachel not liloing

Emmanuelle and Vivien on the water

Smiffy tries to ride the rapid...

... but can't stay on ...

... and gets washed down towards more rapids

Emmanulle and Smiffy

Smiffy goes for another rapid ride, this time successfully ...

...however, Vivien and Emmanuelle have other thoughts!

Rachel relaxing in front of a very steep sand bank

Clouds above the gorge

Tom mending the seriously deflating lilo at our great campsite at Dooli (Boorai) Creek

Tom the next morning...

... with the problem lilo!

All ready to catch a wave!

Emmanuelle smiling for the camera


Smiffy puzzling over how to get to the bank


Emmanuelle and Rachel putting in below a rough rapid




Colo gorge

Gorge scenery

Smiffy rides another rapid

Rachel floats through comfortably ...

... while Emmanuelle is terrified!

Putting in below another large rapid near Canoe Creek

Camp cave near Canoe Creek

The next morning, ready to set off

Vivien, Smiffy and I head off up Pass 14 while the ladies head back up Canoe Creek. Vivien here in front of Savage Ridge

Smiffy climbing a slippery slab with the aid of a rope

Last views of the Colo gorge

Banksia serrata?