25-26/09/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan, Tony Manes, Mike Arnott, Rosemary McDonald, Arthur Panopoulos, Julian Martin

View across the coastal plain from Pointer Gap Lookout

On the track - black snake trying to sun itself

Views from the lookout at the west end of Mt Bushwalker

Heading across the tops from Mt Bushwalker towards Gadara Pass

Rock orchids (Dendrobium sp) at Gadara Pass

Rachel and Tony descending Gadara Pass

Julian descending Gadara Pass

Rachel and Tony descending the lower section of Gadara Pass

Rock orchid (Dendrobium sp)

Rock orchid (Dendrobium sp)

Rosemary climbing Pallin Pass

Rachel on top of the first cliffline of Pallin Pass

The slot through the second cliffline of Pallin Pass

Julian climbing Pallin Pass

Tony on top of Pallin Pass

Boronia sp

Wild flower (Calytrix? sp)

Pods (Leptospermum? sp)

Pea flower

Wild flower (Calytrix? sp)

Tony, Ro and Mike at the foot of the final cliffline of Talaterang

Ro, Mike and Rachel climbing the top cliffline of Talaterang

Mike and Arthur on the rocky platforms near the middle cliffline

Rocky tops near the middle cliffline

Cave view to The Castle

Looking back over the rocky tops towards Talaterang

Julian crossing a creek

Happy hour on the balcony

Pigeon House

The falls (Talaterang Falls?) from the balcony

Sunset over The Castle

The Castle at moonset

Pigeon House Mountain near dawn

Byangee Mountain and Talaterang Creek

Sunrise on The Castle

Pigeon House, Byangee Mountain and Talaterang Creek

Panorama from Pigeon House to The Castle

Talaterang Falls

The Castle from a cave

Rachel at the falls

Tom and Rachel

Heading back from the tops

The Castle

Cliff edge on the Talaterang Plateau


Julian and scrub

The hanging swamp from near the summit of Mt Talaterang

Julian and Mike descending the pass off Talaterang

Pea flower

Mt Talaterang

Tony, Rachel, Arthur and Mike

The party descending towards Pallin Pass

Lunch near Pallin Pass

Descending Pallin Pass

Descending Pallin Pass

Tick bush (Kunzea ambigua?)

Boronia sp

Rachel finding a different way up the bottom of Gadara Pass

Gadara Pass

Gadara Pass

The top section of Gadara Pass

Rock orchids (Dendrobium speciosum)

Talaterang and Pigeon House


Ngaityung Falls

Impressive ledge above the falls

Tony at the top of the falls

Pigeon House Creek above Ngaityung Falls

Pot holes in the creek

Ro and Mike crossing the tops back from Gadara Point