28/08/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan

Rachel also has photos from this walk.

Rachel crossing the Yadboro River ... carefully

Rachel on the eroded track

Mt Owen

OK, a badly posed photo. It was supposed to look like Rachel was being squished...

Rachel scrambling on the west side of the Castle

Rachel in the Tunnel

On top of the tail of the Castle

Scrambling slot on top of the Castle

Rachel on the lower of the exposed scrambles. I think I got told to "Hurry up"...

... followed by the upper one - I didn't even bother asking her to look!

On the summit - views of Mt Owen and Mt Nibelung

Byangee Walls and Pigeon House Mountain

Talaterang Mountain

Rachel and Tom

The summit plateau, with Pigeon House Mountain in the background

Byangee Walls and Pigeon House Mountain

Rachel on the conglomerate cliffs of the western side of the Castle

HEEELLLLP!! Need that chain to hang on to!

Someone stuffed up the signwriting!

But at least they got a second chance!

Was it that rock that moves?!

At the Long Gully camp site, Rachel posing for a Subaru ad