24-26/04/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jodie Dixon, Don Finch, Ros Finch, Dan Laver, David Rostron, Sue Bucknell, Rosemary MacDougal

Day 2

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Leaving the cave the next day

Rosemary leading the party down Angorawa Creek

Rocky bluffs

Rosemary, Sue and Jodie

Jodie on a narrow ledge


Dan jumping across Angorawa Creek at a small waterfall

David on rocky slabs

Don below waterfalls

Rosemary, Dan and Ros on lovely slabs in Angorawa Creek

Jodie near waterfalls in Angorawa Creek

Don, Ros and Dan edging down some rocks made slippery by overnight rain

Dan and David looking for a way down off the slippery ledges

David and Dan

Angorawa Creek waterfalls

Rosemary and Sue

One of many small falls to descend

Ros and David



At the Colo junction, wading across

Wading across the Colo

Dan opts to remove his boots, making life a little more challenging

The large pool at the Angorawa Creek junction

Colo cliffs

Colo cliffs

Dan at the Colo River

Colo scenery


Beach and cliffs below Pass 24

Jodie, Rosemary and Ros on the beach that would be our second night's camp

Our campsite on the beach

David and Don