18/09/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Colin White

A waterfall comes out of a tunnel

Water groove

Michael in the creek



Colin and Michael

Michael in another overhang

Water groove

Michael and Colin on a ledge

Remains of a marijuana plantation


Mini canyon in a tributary

Canyon in another tributary

Michael and Colin look up the canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Blocked by a deep pool


Looking down the canyon - Michael and Colin

We climbed around the canyon to have a look down from the top

In the canyon

Looking down the next bit of canyon

Michael and Colin above where we dropped a rope down

Colin scrambling out

Mountain dragon

Michael on a log over Bell Creek

Interesting twisted tree

Looking down Bell Creek from where we climbed out

Epacris sp?

Hybanthus monopetalus

Pomaderris sp?

Dillwynia sp?

Cairn marking the start/end of the track

I then went back to Katoomba for sunset - Boars Head Rock and Narrow Neck

Boars Head Rock and Narrow Neck

Sunset over the Megalong Valley

Sunset over the Megalong Valley