15/08/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, John Cooper, Tony Hickson, Berenice Torstensson, Carol Henderson, Dorian Broadrick, Melissa Newman, Rogo Owens

Dorian in the scrub on the tops near Rockpile

The party disappearing along scrubby ledges near Rockpile

Rogo descending to the abseil

Tony abseiling

Tony at the bottom of the abseil

Rogo abseiling

Rogo looks happy to be off rope!

John talking Carol through the top of the abseil

Carol abseiling

Carol's new rack

Berenice abseiling

Mitchell Creek

Black Billy Head

John abseiling

The party at morning tea - Berenice, Carol, Rogo, Tony, Melissa, Dorian, John

John descending an awkward drop

Carol getting down to the ledge

Descending the slot at the end of the ledge

Old mine shaft from the Glen Shale Mine

John takes a look in another mine shaft

Berenice emerges from inside the mine

Tony and Rogo at the big wheel - part of an inclined hauling system

The party - Tony, Dorian, Berenice, Carol, Rogo, John

Abandoned skip in a gully

Remains of an old building

The angelic Dorian

Chockstone at the top of Redledge Pass

John climbing up to the chockstone

Carol emerges from under the chockstone

Impressive cavern in the side of Narrow Neck

Berenice relaxing at the lookout

Looking across to where we descended at Rockpile

Berenice on the Red Ledge

Rogo looking across at Narrow Neck

Carol crosses the narrow bit of the Red Ledge

Narrow Neck walls

The slot out of Corral Creek

Rogo and John on the old track to Diamond Falls