08/08/2009 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston, Rachel Grindlay

Rachel and James on Radiata Plateau on the way down to the creek

Rachel at the top of the spikes on Blacks Ladder

Rachel climbing the spikes

James at a short scramble

Rachel at the scramble with an old ladder - but I don't think you want to climb this one

Waterfall below Blacks Ladder

James and Rachel on the shale ledge

James and Rachel in a slot

Rachel and James on the shale ledge

James at the bottom of a small scramble

Rachel at the top of the scramble

Hmm ... which way to go?

Valley views

Rachel on a narrow bit of ledge

Across the awkward bit

The ledge runs out here

Megalong Head, the detached block clearly visible. Ben Esgate Pass starts in the gap

The end of the ledge

Rachel on the ledge traverse of Esgate Pass

Tom climbing up at the chains

Tom higher up

James on the ledge

Rachel on the chains

James climbing up

James looks down - big exposure!

The top of the chains

Tom at a lookout

Rachel and James at lunch

James at the trig

James looking across to Narrow Neck