27-28/06/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Marion Davies

Michael at the remains of a chimney

Canyon formation in a side creek

The creek had old logs in mortises, presumably supports for some structure in the past

Propped up log

Canyon formation in the creek - note the support logs again


Canyon formation

Another log support

Waterfall in a side creek

Michael and Marion at a large overhang

Canyon formation

Red mushrooms

Our way out of the creek is blocked by a small waterfall

This slot provided an escape route

Out of the creek on the lower cliffs

Michael and Marion scrambling

Looking back across the creek from the top line of cliffs

Someone had pushed a road along the tops - who and how?

Cut stump along the line of the road

Michael at a lookout above Newnes

Tom on the cliffs

Looking for a route down into another creek - this one looks unlikely

Morning in our camp cave

Michael and Marion in our camp cave

Another slot

Michael in the sun, rain in Canobla Creek

Marion climbs another slot on to the tops

Red Rocks

Looking down a slot

Another slot, this time a descent gully

Orange fungus