14-21/02/2009 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Sat 14 February: Mersey Forest Road - Wild Dog Creek

Rachel on the climb up to Trappers Hut

Sunbeams over the Cradle Valley peaks

Rachel near Solomons Jewels

Rachel in front of Herods Gate

Approach to Walls of Jerusalem

Cushion plant

Cushion plant

Sun 15 February: Wild Dog Creek - Dixons Kingdom

Wallaby having breakfast by our campsite

Rachel near Lake Salome

The West Wall of King Davids Peak


Solomons Throne and King Davids Peak

Pool of Bethesda

Rachel in front of Solomons Throne

Damascus Gate and Solomon's Throne

The slot leading up to Solomons Throne

Lizard with prey

Rachel on Solomons Throne

Lake Salome

Solomons Throne from King Davids Peak

Solomons Throne and the West Wall

Mt Moriah and the Wailing Wall

Rachel descending Solomons Throne

Rachel at Dixons Kingdom Hut

Solomons Throne

King Davids Peak and Lake Salome

Solomons Throne

Mt Jerusalem

Jaffa Vale

Rachel at our campsite with the "annex". Quite useful with the regular showers.

Mon 16 February: Dixons Kingdom - Lake Adelaide

Rachel climbing Mt Jerusalem

Tarn on Mt Jerusalem

Tom and Rachel on Mt Jerusalem

Rachel on Mt Jerusalem, looking over the Central Plateau

Tom and Rachel on Mt Jerusalem

Central Plateau in cloud



Tarn on Mt Jerusalem

Tarn on Mt Jerusalem


Rachel near Lake Ball

Rachel at Lake Ball

Rachel caught with her mouth full at Lake Ball Hut

Rachel at the southern end of Lake Ball

Interesting channels


Rachel at Lake Adelaide

Camp at Lake Adelaide