08-09/11/2008 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Brian Corlis, Bob Tucker, Joy, Steve, Dave, Bill

Dave at a lookout

Descending off the lookout

Brian, Bill and Steve descending the creek

Steve, Bill and Dave on top of the Pulpit

Dave pointing at our intended campsite for the night

Bill and Dave on the Pulpit

Bob on open shelves above Dooli Creek

Pothole in Dooli Creek

Bob and Brian in Dooli Creek


White flower - sp?

Crossing the Colo River near the junction with Dooli Creek

Brian crossing the Colo

Debris from a previous flood

Dave at camp

Camp below the cliffs

Camp near sunset

Trees on the ridge at sunset

Trees at sunset

Looking upstream from camp

Crossing the river the following day

The party on the banks of the Colo - Joy, Bob, Bill, Brian, Dave, Steve

Five petal trigger plant - bizzare!

Bob at a lookout over the Colo

Colo River, and our campsite

Bob at another lookout on the other side of the ridge

Joy at a lookout

Grevillia sp?

Grass tree

Blue flower

Seed cone

White flowers - sp?

Flannel flower

Yellow flowers - Cassinia?

Flannel flowers

Tom on Hollow Rock

Tom preventing Hollow Rock from collapsing