24/10/2008 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Brian Fox, Geoff Fox, Stephen Murray, Kent Dwyer

Michael and Geoff crossing the rocky tops

Kent at morning tea



Brian on a pagoda above Heart Attack Brook

Michael at Rocky Creek

Brian at lunch at Rocky Creek

The party - Kent, Stephen, Geoff, Michael and Brian

Kent climbing up our pass

Michael and Kent on a ledge on the pass

Geoff on a ledge on our pass

Stephen and Michael on a narrow ledge

Views of Rocky Creek cliffs

Geoff at a lookout on the pass

An impressive pinnacle across Rocky Creek

Geoff checking out the views

Stephen at a lookout

Comesperma ericinum ??

As above

Michael, Brian, Kent and Geoff on a small pagoda

Lomandra sp ??

Brian in an impressive overhang

Ozothamnus sp ??

Geoff near the top of the pass

Dillwynia ??

The party at an afternoon tea stop

Nodding Blue Lily (Stypandra glauca) ?


Leptospermum sp?


Gonpholobium sp??

Waratah detail