04-06/10/2008 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren, Rachel Grindlay

Caoimhin and Rachel under Murrarang Top

Rachel in Coal Seam Cave ... but why does Caoimhin have a tree instead of a head?!

Caoimhin and Rachel on Fifth Top

Rachel at the Kowmung River

There were plenty of these tiny frogs all around the campsite

Gingra Reach on the Kowmung River

Caoimhin climbing the ridge

Rachel climbing the ridge

Australian Indigo (Indigofera australis?)

Tom and Rachel near the top of the ridge


Rachel in the cave

Tom drying his poncho/groundsheet

Mist in the cave

Rachel at the fire

Mist in the Gingra Creek valley

The cave

Rachel climbing a pass on to the tops

Caoimhin and Rachel on top of Mt Cloudmaker

Tom and Rachel on Cloudmaker

Rachel climbing Roar? or perhaps Rumble

Caoimhin and Rachel having a break at Gabes Gap

Caoimhin and Rachel crossing the top of Mt Berry

The Gangerang Range from Crafts Wall

Pages Pinnacle

Caoimhin on Crafts Wall

Rachel filling in the log book at Crafts Wall

Rachel and Tom at Crafts Wall

Caoimhin and Rachel climbing Smiths Pass

Caoimhin and Rachel overlooking Kanangra Deep. Kanangra Falls can be seen flowing in the background.

Kanangra Deep and Kanangra Falls

Rachel and Tom at the lookout

The Gangerang Range and Kanangra Walls