24/02/2008 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Steve Thomsen, Lou Clifton, Terry Eggington, Linda Eggington, Elaine Prior, Graeme Milton, Mark, Todd, Arnold

Arnold also has photos from the trip

Gridlock at the Canoe Creek parking area

Elaine walking down the side creek that we entered by

The armada launches!

Colo River scenery

Elaine relaxing

Linda coming out of a fast flowing section

Steve shoots a rapid

The flotilla makes headway down the river

Elaine and Lou

Steve on another rapid

Graeme kicks back

Terry relaxing

Todd and Mark

Lou gets a dunking!

Graeme - still kicking back

The party (sans photographer Tom) - Graeme, Todd, Mark, Arnold (front), Elaine, Terry, Linda, Steve, Lou

As above except Terry takes over from Tom

Colo River upstream from Canoe Creek