23/06/2007 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

After a hearty breakfast at our lodgings at Woodford of Leura, Rachel and I walked down the street to the cliffs and picked up a track heading to the Pool of Siloam. Like yesterday there was frost on the ground, and ice growing on plants under wet overhangs. We took more photos, as it's not every day (or every second day) you get a sight like that.

Then it was down to the Pool of Siloam, where Rachel tried to undam the debris that was keeping the pool full after the recent rain. Climbing out on to the ridge, we were greeted by a flock of yellow tail black cockatoos, occasionally screaming in the trees and generally making a mess on the ground. They are surprisingly large birds.

After a detour to Gordon Falls Lookout, where there wasn't much view of Gordon Falls, we headed around the cliff track towards Leura Cascades, passing numerous lookouts. Even I had pretty much had enough lookouts by the time we reached Leura Falls. And there were still more lookouts to go. Eventually we made it back to Cliff Drive and walked into Katoomba for the Winter Magic Festival. As we arrived at Katoomba St, who should emerge from the throng but Sacha, Sarah and Ari. They were planning on walking back via the way we came, but needed to give the little man a bit of food. We headed up the street, fighting the hordes, plenty of very odd characters among them. There wasn't really much we were interested in, although we did pull in to most of the outdoor stores to see if there was anything on sale.

Heading back to Leura via the road, I slipped on black ice on the footpath - twice!