15/06/2007 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Stephen Murray, Geoff Fox, Peter Medbury

Impressive cliffs above a tributary of Dingo Creek

Looking down another tributary of Dingo Creek

Cascades in Dingo Creek

Michael in a huge burnt out tree

Scrambling down the scrubby creek

Walkers in the creek

A large overhang above the creek

Three of the "seven sisters"?

Michael in an overhang on the creek

Michael and Peter scrambling at our exit

Looking back up Dingo Creek

Steve, Michael, Geoff and Peter on the lunch pagoda

After exiting Dingo Creek, Michael, Steve and I went out to Carne Creek

Looking up Carne Creek

Steve above Carne Creek

Michael on a pagoda high above Carne Creek